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EKG Technician

By abtaining EKGs — testing the electronic activity of the heart through small electrode patches attached to the body — EKG technician is making a life-changing difference, helping people of all ages prevent and treat heart disease. As an EKG tech you will be able to set up EKG machine and apply 12-leads electorde to abtain EKGs (electrocardiograms); Prepare patients for Holter or ambulatory monitoring and carry out stress tests; Edit and deliver accurate test results to physicians for in-depth analysis.

Course Overview

  • I. Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology
  • II. Infection Control
  • III. Communication and Legal Issues in Healthcare
  • IV. History of EKG
  • V. EKG Introduction
  • VI. EKG Interpretation and Application procedures

  • Schedules:

    School offers EKG Technician program every month. Mon-Fri Daytime/Evening or Sat & Sun
    Please speak with Admission Agent for the next available class schedule.

    Program Cost:

    Tuition: $450
    Books: $40
    Non-refundable Reg. Fee: $30
    Total: $520